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Story of the Science

Story of the Science

Where does human life come from? How to maintain life? Why people suffer from illness? How to treat the diseases and guarantee our health? How to prolong life? There are the questions human beings always want to explore since existence and countless generations of scientists have faithfully made their contributions. Nowadays, although mankind has cracked 3,000,000,000 human life genetic codes, we still have no accurate scientific evidences and methods to solve above problems. Controversies over human life still remain on the level of philosophy and ideology, neither the atheism of Darwin's theory nor religious theism will give us the desired answer on this extremely strange subject. Being ignorant of how to protect and prolong life, humans only know how to eat for survival and obey the arrangement of "God". Surgical technologies may successfully treat the traumas, yet fail to protect human organs from diseases. With all the fast developments of modern drugs, the ideal curative effects on organ diseases are still out of reach; the study of human life on the molecular level can not help discover the reasons of human organ diseases, while the mechanisms of human life demise go no far more than the appearances. I honestly respect the history and all the scientific researchers who have made their due contributions to the study of human life! With the same sincerity, I also respect these colleagues for their great achievements! However, as a scientist confronted with the reality and to live up to the great trust, I believe it is my job to obtain practical achievements for the sake of human life with all my wisdom. It is also a commitment of responsibility I have made to myself during my 33 years’ study on the life science. This commitment has motivated and supported me to complete the scientific system of human body regenerative restoration and dream to establish a life world based on human regeneration.

The true meaning of my human regeneration study results from the regeneration test conducted on the pumpkin skin in 1979 (during my university period). First cut the pumpkin to the lower layer under the skin, then cover the surface with vegetable oil to keep the humidity. Two weeks later, the melon skin regenerated on the covered lower layer, while the other area without the protection of vegetable oil remained the same (i.e. no melon skin regenerated). This test has concluded the initial experimental result of regeneration study, i.e. the life environment has direct effects on the life signs. This conclusion is similar to Darwin's theory of evolution, but two findings are essentially different. The following test models on rats and guinea pigs based on this theory reached the same conclusions, i.e. new skin regenerated on the maintained moist wound, while the healed/unhealed scared appeared on the not maintained moist wound. Upon the completion of animal experiments, I started the tests on human body. My tests proved that skin regeneration was possible on the leg scalded with boiling water. During my subsequent clinical internship period, the school, hospital and teachers had offered me great supports on the clinical treatment (according to relevant national laws and regulations) which enabled me to obtain nearly 200 clinical cases of new skin regeneration on burnt patients. Upon my graduation, I submitted a paper of 250,000-word as the thesis (Figure 1). I engaged in the burn trauma surgery medical treatment in the hospital after graduation, the application of my moist regenerative therapy on burn trauma had also brought ‘magical’ curative effects. This prompted me to explore the reason why human skin could be regenerated and whether human embryos could develop for the second time. If human body could really realize these assumptions, it means human beings own the chance for a second life.

Figure 1: Thesis verification letter from Binzhou Medical College (was Qingdao Medical College before 1983).

Translation version of the letter-1: Thesis verification letter from Binzhou Medical College (was Qingdao Medical College before 1983)

On Jan. 2, 1991, immediately after the American trip full of honor, Prof. Rongxiang Xu came to his alma mater, Binzhou Medical College, and donated the original manuscript of his world renowned Moist Burn Therapy Academy, Study on Burns Local Pathology and Topical Treatment with Drug (516 pages in total) to the college. This research document written by Prof. Xu with huge intellectual input during his college period laid the foundation of his established Moist Burn Therapy Academy with precious academic value. In the manuscript transfer ceremony held in the evening of Jan. 2, 1991 in Qingyi Hotel, Huimin Prefecture, Prof. Xu handed over the manuscript to the president of the college, Wei Guo. The manuscript will be kept permanently in Binzhou Medical College. The political and administrational chiefs of the college, directors of all departments of teaching and research, and some teachers and classmates of Prof. Xu attended the manuscript transfer ceremony. The chiefs of Huimin Prefectural Committee, Administrative Office, Zhanhua County, Prefectural Health Bureau, Huimin Prefectural People’s Hospital and Binzhou Health School attended the ceremony on invitation.

Official Seal of Binzhou Medical College January 02, 1991

Thesis verification letter from Binzhou Medical College (was Qingdao Medical College before 1983).

Translation version of the letter-2:

I hereby certify that: The article “Study and theory of Chinese medicine Moist Burn Ointment II”, authored by Rongxiang Xu from the Department of Burns in Jinan Institute of Medical Science of Shandong province, was presented in the afternoon of October 29, 1985, in the First Sino-American Conference on Burn Injuries held in Chongqing, intriguing and being paid attention by the attendees.

Ao Li Chairman, First Sino-American Conference on Burn Injuries Chongqing, November 1, 1985

Verification letter from Ao Li Chairman, First Sino-American Conference on Burn Injuries

This vision inspired me to explore the source of life regeneration. My comparative study on the tissue cells obtained from the moist healing wounds in the animal test showed that, the cells of the moist healing wounds were totally different from those of natural healing wounds. As other histopathological experts at that time failed to understand this, thus I named these cells ‘regenerative cells’ with the assumption that they were the original cells of skin organs, the understanding of these cells would mean the truth discovery of skin regeneration. I was very excited, yet found that no references were available after the review of all materials on histoembryology and histopathology. Therefore, I had to re-establish the thought and execute the overall analysis. Human skin evolves from the mesoderm, while the regenerated skin develops directly from the wound (rather than the mesoderm). As there is no mesodermal tissues exist on the wound, this means another new perspective on human life against the already known track of human life. Specifically speaking, as the skin regeneration (with the objective origin) is a matter of fact, I shall first explore the skin regeneration process then explore the original source. Therefore, I determined the new thought of exploration and first carried out the comparative study between the embryonic development progress of human skin and the skin regeneration progress. The embryonic development of human skin starts from the primitive stem cells, thus it is necessary to verify whether regenerative cells are the same as the primitive stem cells of embryonic skin. The consistency would mean that the following development progress is identical with the development progress of stem cells. At that time, there was no uniform method applicable for the recognition of skin primitive stem cells around the world. In 1990, the world histology and embryology academic circle finally confirmed the keratin 19 positive stem cells as the original stem cells of human skin. Later, I spared no effort to confirm the identity of keratin 19 stem cells. I found Professor Xu Zenglu (Director of Histological and Embryological Department of Peking Union Medical College), who had especially studied keratin 19 stem cells in America and just returned back to China, to collaborate with me. After several years of exploration, we did not find the stem cells and felt quite disappointed. We re-examined our objective exploration ideas as well as test methods and concluded that the test methods may have some problems, as certain differences existed between those test methods used for embryonic development study (used for our research) and wound development study. After that, I designed the experimental methods for direct in situ determination of keratin 19 stem cells and found the keratin 19 stem cells within 12 hours after the wound regeneration. I succeeded in the in situ replication of skin organ with the tracking of stem cells. This meant the successful in situ regeneration progress of human skin. This is the first time of decoding upon regeneration progress of human life; I think it is as great as any other major scientific discoveries and inventions. According to the law of life science, the skin is the largest organ of human body; its in situ regeneration means the possibility of successful in situ regeneration of all other organs. At a moment of extreme ecstasy, Professor Xu and I thought that most of scientific problems on human life study would be solved. But after the moment, we sadly realized that our research just touched the objective reality, yet the source of stem cells remained unknown (where did these cells come from? The bone marrow cells in the blood or the cells under the wound?). From the perspective of traditional theory, keratin 19 stem cells can only develop from the mesoderm, thus the exploration of the former existence of keratin 19 stem cells becomes another topic that must be dealt with. Years of direct clinical exploration enabled me to understand that, keratin 19 stem cells derived from a kind of tissue cells which were the potential functional cells in human body, gaining stem cell potency after activation. We also discovered that keratin 19 stem cells could develop from the granulation tissues outside bone which were regenerated from the bone marrow tissues. We then carried out the field experiment at the Third Affiliated Hospital of Hunan Medical University. From the sampling of granulation tissues, cell slicing and the final expert testimony in the Histology and Embryology Laboratory, the scientific group of CCTV had accompanied us with uninterrupted photographic recording. We invited the national famous histoembryology expert Professor Li to identify the cells. After the examination of tissue slices, Professor Li declared in a professional manner that those were keratin 19 stem cells of the skin and asked why did me sample the cells for the research. After hearing that, all those present were very excited as our double-blind trial succeeded. I told Professor Li that we were executing the filed double-blind trial to verify that the granulation tissue could also evolve into keratin 19 stem cells. Professor Li was quite surprised to hear that and said, ‘this was really a world-shaking message!’

After the identification of keratin 19 stem cells and the resources, I immediately went to United States, Britain, France and Germany to seek further verification by relevant scientists. Relevant American experts specialized in stem cells thought that; our research represented the forefront of scientific development (Figure 2) as their study still remained at the level of hematopoietic stem cells extraction. Professor Cherry, Director of the trauma center of Oxford University (President of International Trauma Association) reviewed our research materials and expressed that he was not a professional in the field of keratin 19 stem cells. He then introduced us to a female professor at Oxford University who claimed to be one of the few international experts specialized in the study of keratin 19 stem cells. This female professor helped verify our keratin 19 stem cells derived from the wound, and admired that it was a miracle! She said their research still focused on human embryonic development, while our great regeneration development research would bring a brand new system of human life (Figure 3).

Figure 2: Academic exchange with American stem cell experts in September 2000

Academic exchange with American stem cell experts in September 2000

Figure 3: Academic exchange with Prof. Cherry of Oxford University on stem cell research in October 2000

Academic exchange with Prof. Cherry of Oxford University on stem cell research in October 2000

With the confirmation of Keratin 19 stem cells by international counterparts, I was well aware that this only provided the interpretation of the phenomena; the key was to find out the sources and laws of development of regenerative life. The following researches would be much more difficult than the exploration of objective reality. We must figure out the source cell of Keratin 19 stem cells, how they were activated and converted into stem cells and all other related behaviors. First we need to identify the activators and the nutritional properties and energy demand characteristics that enabled the awakening of the cell, then verify through repeated tests the activation of regeneration functions of these cells both in vitro and in vivo. From 1994, I released my life decoding plan in the CCTV News program (Figure 4). After five years’ study, I decided to name the source of Keratin 19 stem cells as potential regenerative cells (PRC) and confirmed that a certain amount of such cells (PRC) existed in all kinds of tissues. I established the spectrum of over 200 kinds of cell activation and cultured ingredients obtained from the mesoderm, and verified the PRC function through successful tissues and organs clone experiment with in vitro potential regenerative cells. With the successfully clinical in situ regenerated tissues and organs, I released the in situ regenerative restoration program map of human organs.

Figure 4: Still image of 1994 CCTV news

Still image of 1994 CCTV news

Chinese and foreign tissues and organs cloning and replication press was held on August 16th, 2002, Science and Technology Daily published a feature titled “Tissues and Organs Replication Triggered Big Bang in Life Science” with two pages on this topic. Organs cloning with embryonic stem cells prevailed at that time, and the mainstreams sniffed at our realistic report! However, the Ministry of Science and Technology decided to form a scientific hearing by renowned academicians and professors to learn more about our scientific research. The hearing experts visited the lab and attended our entity field trials of tissues and organs cloning with PRC cells. They did not allege our research as pseudo-science but claimed that they did not understand the concept. These experts decided to wait for the final experimental results and ended the hearing (Figure 5). After the hearing, I was invited to attend the Third World Stem Cells and Regenerative Medicine Conference held in the United States, and I was arranged to make the finale speech as the main speaker. For the first time, the experts present heard about the direct transformation of tissue cells into stem cells and the following in situ regeneration of tissues and organs. Off course, they also appreciated the recorded video of our experiment. Some experts admired that, "In this field, you have already got ahead of us! It is like a racing challenge. You have traveled on the highway for two hours, while we are still looking for our car in the parking lot!” (Figure 6).

Figure 5: The scientific hearing held by the Ministry of Science and Technology in 2002

The scientific hearing held by the Ministry of Science and Technology in 2002

Figure 6: Making lecture as the keynote speaker in the Third World Stem Cells and Regenerative Medicine Conference held in the U.S.

Making lecture as the keynote speaker in the Third World Stem Cells and Regenerative Medicine Conference held in the U.S.

On August 16, 2002, I myself made a promise to mankind that within five years, I would accomplish the "cloning and replication” of tissues and organs in situ and complete the transformation of 66 cancer cell lines. Such a commitment would be considered as “insane words” by the common people, so I got all boos and sniffs rather supports at that time. Most people thought that “it was absolutely impossible”, only a few scientists took my side. We designed a pilot clinical research. We used the male rats for the regenerative feeding study to activate the regeneration life mechanism of potential regenerative cells in rat’s body and verify the realization of in situ restoration of all organs and tissues. Our experiment lasted for four years, and we achieved twice the life aging expectations of rats. Such experimental results confirmed the identity of regeneration mechanism as another chance of human life which means the start of another world of human life. They also provided the preliminary answers to many questions bothered mankind for a long time. For the cancer research, the breakthrough could come from the fundamental laws of life needs. Our study showed that within twenty-four hours, all the cancer cells would die under the effects of regenerative substances, while the normal cells could be activated with the same regenerative substances.

In 2003, Swedish national TV station and the Science and Technology Commission especially assigned reporters to interview me about my work (Figure 7). The reporters said after reading my book Burns Regenerative Medicine and Therapy, they wondered the realization of mentioned regenerative technologies and theories of tissues and organs would bring me how many Nobel prizes! They claimed that my regenerative technologies of burnt skin had gone far beyond the tissue transplantation technologies acknowledged by the award granting organizations! Just image how the world would be if all the organs could be restored through in situ regeneration! I clearly answered that I did not conduct scientific researches for any prizes, as ‘God’ had endowed me with this mission and the enthusiasm; all I could do was to realize my true value as a human being. In 2004, I gave lectures at Stanford University. After the completion of my tissue regeneration report, a cancer expert present asked when I would release my regenerative anticancer achievements, I replied that in five years. The expert continued to say that if my regenerative anticancer technology was proved to be correct, it would mean that all the current methods may have been wrong, and they were willing to follow our thoughts of study (Figure 8). In December 2004, the investigator of U.S. Patent Office called my lawyer to hold a telephone conference. The investigator informed that there was no need to proceed with the patent defense, and the U.S. Patent Office decided to authorize the regenerative life related patent. Meanwhile, several researchers and representative of U.S. Patent Office want contacted the inventor (Xu RongXiang) through the phone about anticipated the world after we granted you the patent authorization. The investigator asked that ‘after the patent authorization, what would you think the world would be like in five years?’ I said in five years, people would begin to accept this invention, the comprehensive application of this technology would be possible in another five years, and then we would welcome a brand new world of regenerative life development. The other side replied that, ‘we share with your view. According to relevant laws of invention patents, a new technology usually takes effect in five years.’

Figure 7: Interview with Swedish National TV station and the Science and Technology Commission of Sweden in 2003

Interview with Swedish National TV station and the Science and Technology Commission of Sweden in 2003

Figure 8: Certification of Merit for the lecture at Stanford University 

Certification of Merit for the lecture at Stanford University

After the fulfillment of the promise we made five years ago, we held the accomplishment conference on August 16, 2007. I felt very lonely after the conference, as we received no response from the society. I planned to enthusiastically answer all the questions about our fulfillment of the promise, yet no experts interested in the subject appeared at the scene. Only Professor Liu Xiaocheng, one national famous cardiovascular surgery expert, came to visit me. After we met, Professor Liu asked to review the materials on cardiovascular regeneration technology and amputated finger regenerative restoration. After reading the materials, Professor Liu said excitedly that he believed in the authenticity of these studies, and expressed that we could announce to the world that acquired cardiovascular diseases would not exist in the future. He insisted to experience the trials by himself. After a short period, Professor Liu brought the photos featured his nasal mucosa defect and the healing effects. He proudly declared that the photos had proved the success of his experience of tissue in situ regenerative restoration, i.e. the regenerative science had turned the impossible into possible realities (Figure 9).

Figure 9 Regenerative restoration of Prof. Liu’s nasal mucosa (BEFORE): 

Regenerative restoration of Prof. Liu’s nasal mucosa (Before)

Figure 9 Regenerative restoration of Prof. Liu’s nasal mucosa (AFTER):

Regenerative restoration of Prof. Liu’s nasal mucosa (After)

Shortly after my accomplishment conference, Japanese and American scientists announced in November 2007 that they succeeded in the induction tests of stem cells from skin tissue cells. I immediately check my published materials and found that their research ideas were copied from our clinical research design. In fact, they facilitate the somatic cell proliferation with the traditional virus vector carrying technology. Their tests were essentially different from the study on transformation of somatic cells into stem cells. I immediately issued a statement (Figure 10) claimed they had plagiarized my research design and disturbed our study. Their behavior meant nothing but deception on human beings. On the other hand, their piratical behavior also helped me a lot. The father of reproductive cloning actively declared to abandon his embryonic stem cell research and carry on the transformation research of somatic cells into stem cells. Other famous scientists also decided to change their research subjects. All of a sudden, the scientific community followed my research direction. Even five years after they copied out research design, the above Japanese and American scientists still fail to transfer the so- called IPS cells into the real stem cells in vitro, not to mention the transformation into tissues and organs. Yet this kind of speculation has made the U.S. government to include the research into national development plans which forces President Obama to pay much more national funding for scientific research. So do other developed countries of the world (including China). I sincerely look forward to witnessing the practical achievements at the expense of the taxpayers as soon as possible.

Figure 10: Declaration published on Guangming Daily in 2007

Declaration published on Guangming Daily in 2007

On August 16, 2007, I made another promise to overcome human cancers in five years and realize the in situ regenerative restoration of human organs. In 2007, I officially launched my clubhouse of human body regenerative restoration. Over 200 volunteers, including famous scientists, entrepreneurs and my friends from the business and political circle, initiatively made their contributions to my study. A senior officer of noble character and high prestige had taken the lead as the volunteer for my experiments since 2000; he was also the first volunteer for regenerative restoration science of human life. In December 2007, one of my good friends got his distal thumb joint squeezed out through the car door during his travel. He immediately called me and told me what had happened. I suggested him to stop the bleeding and come back to Beijing as soon as possible in order to launch the regenerative life mechanism, in hope of realizing the in situ regenerative restoration of the broken part of the finger. However, the local leaders paid great attention to his injury and insisted on keeping him stay at the best local hospital to accept the replantation treatment. Four days later, his replanted finger joint became black and caused pain and fever. Later, he was transferred to a hospital in Beijing. With the care of the leaders of the Ministry of Health and the hospital, several surgical experts provided the clinical services for my friend. The experts believed that the replanted part had become necrotic. After two days of further observation, a surgical operation was carried out to remove the replanted part. With the measures to control the infections, the finger wound was sealed with the flap embedding surgery. The finger was almost disabled. One night a few days later, my friend went to my house from the hospital. He asked me whether the broken part could be regenerated. I replied that as the finger was already infected, the possibility of recovery with only one time regenerative operation was quite low. Cutting on the finger for the second time might be necessary to form a new wound for regeneration. The next day, my friend decided to accept my proposal. He directly came to my clubhouse and asked to remove the replanted finger joint. After the operation, I found that the wound had suffered from infiltrative infection. The bone marrow cavity of the residual phalanx had already undergone disinfection treatment and the deep tissues showed the signs of sutured contusions. This part had not only a wound but also the infected soft tissues and bone tissues with severe secondary contusions. I performed an in situ regeneration surgery for my friend. After the surgery, the infection of the finger got controlled within one day, 2/3 length of the distal joint was regenerated within 22 days. However, I found that the regenerative surface of the finger had established the epithelialization; this meant the expected result of incomplete regeneration. According to my original plan, I believed that potential regenerative cells still existed in the newly formed part of the finger. These cells could be activated for further regenerative restoration. Therefore, I cut the incomplete regenerated part to form a fresh wound, and then performed another in situ regeneration surgery. More than twenty days later, the joint was regenerated and the missing part of phalanx also realized successful in situ regenerative restoration. This result suggested that the regenerative life mechanism of human body is always accompanied with the existence of regenerative tissues, organs or PRC. Just a few months ago, American Scientific Magazine assembled more than 250 experts around the world and held a symposium on future scientific subjects. The symposium pointed out that if severed finger regeneration was possible, it would mean a great revolutionary change in life science. On the other hand, the clinical success of in situ phalanx regeneration in our country had been released for more than ten years. Those who acted blindly and ignored the achievements in scientific world just played the clowning role in the development history of human life science.

On January 15, 2008, we issued a notification about regenerative anticancer both at home and abroad and invited anticancer scientists around the world to attend our clinical research and repeat the experiments we had announced about anticancer study on the cellular level. To our great disappointment, only two professors with the doctorate's degree (one from CITI of HOPE and one domestic PhD) responded to our request. In order to avoid the violation of medical regulations, our research was conducted only on the dying cancer patients who had abandoned the medical treatment. Among more than 1,300 applicants, we selected 364 dying patients according to the evidences on abandonment of medical treatment given by the hospital and their family members. We provided these patients with anticancer regeneration nutritional ingredients free of charge. The statistics conducted 4 months later showed that, nearly 62% of these patients were still alive. Therefore, we included them into our anticancer regeneration and health research plan under network guidance. The survival rate of these remaining patients for the first year was higher than that at the beginning. Later, we divided these patients into different groups and directly guided them through our anticancer regeneration and health research plan. As a result, the survival rate of the patients for the second year further increased, and those deceased left without any pains. After four years, the still alive terminal cancer patients are even healthier than most contemporaries! The cancer tissues in their bodies also decrease year by year. We can prove to the society that, in conjunction with the mechanism research on anticancer regeneration of cancer cells, the cancer is no longer a disease incurable. In particular, we have succeeded in the regenerative restoration study of 3T3 cells in the Go period. We can proudly announce to the society that that we can prevent the occurrence of cancers.

The Sichuan earthquake happened in 2008. Under the approval of the State Council and the Ministry of Health, I worked on the front line for 39 days with the doctors from 25 front-line hospitals. During that period, I treated the injured with my regeneration technology. After the treatment, those patients with open wounds and burnt trauma kept their limbs sound through in situ regenerative restoration, and no one suffered from the mistress of amputation or disability. Upon the treatment of an injured little girl, the Israeli experts thought it was necessary to perform an amputation surgery, while Chairman Wu Bangguo insisted on keeping the girl’s injured limb. We applied our regeneration technology and guaranteed the wound healing in 20 days without any effects of disability.

We completed the five years’ human application research program ahead of schedule on September 16, 2011. All the related volunteers appeared younger and even more vigorous than they were at the beginning of our study. Their physical examination results indicated that the indexes of chronic organ diseases had reduced significantly. I released the research results at the best Chamber of Diaoyutai State Guesthouse in order to show my respect for all the scientific experimenters. Our four years’ study on human application had concluded the basic law of twice the life aging expectations of male rats. During the period, we had carried out research on the mechanism of scar elimination through regenerative life mechanism. According to the scientific laws of in situ skin recovery exploration, it was necessary to execute a comprehensive and detailed study on the mechanism of in situ skin regeneration of scar tissues, as scarring is a process of severe trauma fibrosis, while the aging of human organs is a process of chronic fibrosis. According to the scientific laws, if the scars could evolve into the skin, then the fibrosis of any organs could be transferred into the restored normal structures and functions. On September 16, 2011, I solemnly announced that we had understood the mechanism of skin regeneration from scars, rejuvenation of human organs was no longer a dream (Figure 11)! On May 26 this year, I announced the research results of regenerative restoration and rejuvenation through the regenerative life mechanisms of human body at an international academic conference, and the news was widely reported by the media. After the announcement of this revolutionary achievement, the world changed the attitudes prevailed 10 years ago. The people no longer denied the truth of our report on the big bang of life science triggered by tissues and organs regeneration, but rather they would like to believe in its authenticity (Figure 12).

Figure 11: Live demonstration at Diaoyutai State Guesthouse on Sept. 16, 2011

Live demonstration at Diaoyutai State Guesthouse on Sept. 16, 2011

Figure 12: Announcement in the International Burns Wounds & Ulcers Conference in May 2012

Announcement in the International Burns Wounds & Ulcers Conference in May 2012

Today is the 24th commemoration day after the announcement of the new field of burn trauma treatment on August 16, 1988. It is also the 10th commemoration day after the announcement of human body regenerative restoration science in 2002. What kind of announcement shall I make today? On second thoughts, I decided to compile my scientific achievements into a pictorial and hold an appreciation conference in the Great Hall of the People, in order to express my gratitude to those national leaders, ministry leaders, leaders at other different levels and my friends who had supported me and helped me complete the scientific system of human body regenerative restoration. Meanwhile, I will declare that human cancers have already been overcome, and I fulfilled my promise I made to myself five years ago. Besides, I will announce to the world that I will comprehensively apply the scientific system of human body regenerative restoration to human life development and endeavor to establish a New World of human life regeneration. I promise to accomplish the total nutrient spectrum used for human regenerative life in another five years. At that time, human beings only need the simple diet of full nutritional ingredients to realize the body regenerative restoration and achieve the state of rejuvenation! Five years from now, the world will be able to feed three times the current population with the simple one-time full nutritional food. Everyone will enjoy the world of regenerative life with all the happiness and longer life expectations!

Scientific exploration is a process full of complex problems and difficulties, while the scientific results are always simple and easy to implement. I was born to fulfill this research task and bring more practical achievements to mankind! It is my mission to make dreams come true during my life, and guarantee human beings with a high quality longer life full of happiness with my simple and easy to implement scientific achievements! My already published research results on the subject of human regenerative life study have surpassed all other historic achievements in life science. These unprecedented scientific achievements will benefit all the people in the future.

I am extremely grateful to all the leaders and friends who have supported and protected the development of human body regenerative restoration science!

Xu Rongxiang

August 16, 2012