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Dr. Xu's announcement for his accomplished organ regeneration technologies in humans

June 25, 2013


for accomplished organ regeneration technologies in humans


Hippocrates founded modern medicine 2500 years ago, making historically great contribution to the health of mankind. However, curing human organ diseases has always been a huge challenge and target for life scientists and medical scientists throughout history. For the last half century, taxpayers have paid hundreds of billions funding on research exploring the cure of human organ diseases, with no return in application yet. Moreover, there is not any timeline for curing human organ diseases after the “father of human gene” Prof. James Watson stated on Mar. 21, 2013 that applied gene research is useless. Today, we declare that we have already accomplished “developing drugs to regenerate damaged organs”, the objective of President Obama’s decision on life science development, and announce first in the U.S. our proprietary organ regeneration science and technology curing organ diseases, hoping the government quickly validate and apply the "human organ regeneration science and technology" we've invented for curing human organ diseases to benefit the people.    

The “human organ in situ regeneration science” we’ve invented is a new life science system which makes the use of dietary combination of regenerative nutrients to regenerate in situ new cells to replenish and replace the damaged, prematurely senescent, prematurely apoptotic or cancerous cells in the human organ, to help the diseased organs regenerate and restore their normal structure and function or rejuvenate to their younger state.  On Feb. 13, 2013, the US President included “developing drugs to regenerate damaged organs”, part of our scientific system, as the priority strategy of life science development in his State of the Union. Thus, the US government stepped into the stage of our applied science path to regenerate damaged human organ in situ with substance, getting away from the era of basic exploratory study on stem cell, gene, and tissue engineering, and becoming the model of all countries as well as indicating that the American people will first get rid of the suffering of organ diseases not cured by modern medicine since 2500 years ago. Using the dietary combination of regenerative nutrients, we have already accomplished in situ regeneration of damaged human organ as well as the in situ rejuvenation of premature aging of human organ. In our mind, we, as scientists, have already fulfilled our mission in science, and it is now the responsibility of the state leaders, governments and social powers to use the new scientific system to save the people. The governments and social powers don’t need to invest any more funding in the R&D of organ regeneration science; they can just use our applied technology of human organ in situ regeneration science to benefit the people. The first batch of accomplished organ regeneration projects is listed as below:


One:  The technology of in situ regeneration of severed distal finger

It has been impossible in medical history to regenerate severed finger, which is the recognized mark of accomplishing human organ regeneration, as well as the scientific mark of going beyond all the current fields of research on human organ regeneration. We have already accomplished the regeneration of the lost part of a severed finger by cultivating the residue vital tissues (including bone tissue) of the fracture surface of the wound with the ointment of nutritional combination for severed finger. In the case of the severed finger that cannot regenerate completely, the defective part of the finger can still regenerate to its normal state by making a new fracture surface surgically.  

Core mechanism: All types of tissue cells of the fracture surface of a severed finger convert in situ into stem cells which regenerate synchronically all types of damaged tissues to form the original finger according to the in situ human stem cell development procedures. Attached below are the figures illustrating the results of regenerative restoration of severed fingers (Fig. 1, 2).   



Two: The technology of regenerative rejuvenation of aging GI tract

Everyone is aware of the premature aging of GI organs but can not do anything against it. The aging of GI tract is positively proportional to the age of a person, 20 years ahead of other organs in the human body. In the view of overall life of the human body, premature GI aging is the most serious disease because it directly results in the lack of nutrition and energy supply to each organ. The vitality and lifespan of each organ is damaged directly due to the premature aging of GI organs, which is the origin of various organ diseases. It is saving the mankind if the prematurely aging human GI organs can realize regenerative rejuvenation. We have already accomplished the regenerative rejuvenation of prematurely senescent GI organs using dietary capsule of GI organ regenerative nutrients, enabling the aging GI organ of the 60-year-old to rejuvenate to the status of the youth.  

Core mechanism: The GI organ regenerative nutrients enable the tissue cells of prematurely aging GI organs and tissues to regain the stem cell development function and generate in situ new cells to replace the senescent and fibrotic cells and replenish the organ against the premature apoptosis of plenty of cells, regenerating and restoring all the prematurely aging GI organs to younger structure and function status. Attached below please find the histological rejuvenation images of animals and endoscopic images of regenerative rejuvenation of human aging GI (Fig. 3, 4).  




Three:  Regenerative therapy for gastro-duodenal ulcers

Gastro-duodenal ulcers are refractory diseases and often relapse. Although current medicine can promote the ulcer wound healing with scarring by using pharmaceuticals, the gastric organs will lose their original structures and functions at the wound site due to the scar formation, and the scar is vulnerable to ulcer relapse and often leads to GI dysfunction. Thus, the ulcer is not radically cured. Cultivated with our dietary capsules of regenerative nutrients for gastrointestinal ulcer regeneration, the ulcer wound can be in situ regenerated and restored to normal gastrointestinal organ tissues, achieving healing without scarring.

Core mechanism: Under the effect of orally administered regenerative nutritional composition for gastrointestinal ulcers, the ulcer tissue is gradually liquefied and discharged automatically to establish on the ulcer wound a physiologically ecological environment under which residual viable living tissue cells of the wound regenerate into stem cells in situ and further regenerate defected gastrointestinal organ tissues in situ following the process of stem cell development.  Attached image shows the human GI ulcer wounds being regenerated and restored to physiological tissues and organs (Fig. 5).


Four:  Regenerative therapy for coronary heart disease (CHD)

CHD, among other major cardiac diseases, is the top one killer of human lives. It has been constantly threatening human lives since it is intractable, although cardiovascular stent or bypass surgery could temporarily relieve the symptom and save lives. Our cardiac organ regenerative technology could regeneratively restore CHD indicated to need cardiovascular stent or bypass surgery, to a condition with no surgical necessity or a mild condition of CHD, or even a condition negative by CHD exams.

Core mechanism: Under the effect of orally administered regenerative nutritional composition for heart, all the fibrotic cells in heart vessels and cardiac muscles are gradually replaced by in situ regenerated new cells, and accordingly the blood-supply function of heart vessels is enhanced and the cardiac muscle has a younger structure and vitality. Attached below (Fig. 6) is the image of research result.


Five:  Skin organ regenerative restoration technology for facial scars

Anyone with a scar on the face suffers both physically and mentally throughout the life. Skin organ regenerative restoration technology for scars enables thousands of such patients to regain happy life by regenerating skin organ in situ. 

Core mechanism: Under the effect of regenerative nutritional composition for skin, the scar cells go into the process of apoptosis, while residual tissue cells of dermal and epidermal skin cells develop stem cell functions in situ, thus to regenerate new skin organ structure in situ. See figures below for accomplished human application results (Fig.7, 8).




Six:  Regenerative medicine and therapy for wounds of surface burns, traumatic defects, ulcers and diabetic ulcers

The regenerative restoration technology for wounds of surface burns, traumatic defects, ulcers, diabetic ulcers and etc. has been the mainstream technology in world clinical treatment. In 2004, the famous Swedish press KARGER published our monograph Burns Regenerative Medicine and Therapy which elucidates that wound not healing itself, such as body surface traumatic defect, ulcer, diabetic ulcer and etc., can be treated with the regenerative therapy for deep burn wounds. Up to now, there have been 73 countries applying the regenerative therapy for burn skin. In the U.S., the regenerative nutritional composition for skin organ is close to finishing phase II FDA clinical trial. It is hoped that the US government can speed up the FDA validation process and help the US patients get quickly the benefit of skin regeneration.

Core mechanism:   For deep burn wounds, under the function of skin regenerative substance, necrotic tissues can be liquefied and removed without further damage; the tissues in burn stasis zone can be restored; and an ecological enclosed environment can be established where the residual viable tissue cells transform in situ into regenerative stem cells. Following the development procedures of stem cells, the regenerative stem cells regenerate in situ skin tissues and organs. The mechanism applies to other types of wounds. Examples for accomplished human application results are attached below (Fig. 9, 10).




Seven:  Regenerative rejuvenation technology for senescent facial and neck skin

Although the middle aged has the same high vigor and spirit as the youth thanks to the improvement of life standard of human beings, their facial and neck skins inevitably experience premature aging. It would be fine if the middle-aged and senior people don’t look into a mirror; otherwise, they would lose their confidence seeing their senescent appearance, impairing their life quality seriously. Our regenerative rejuvenation technology for senescent facial and neck skin can rejuvenate the senescent skin back to their young state.

Core mechanism: Under the function of the regenerative rejuvenation nutrients for senescent skin, the epidermal regenerative capacity of epidermal basal cells is firstly restored and then the scattered fibers are restored to be bundle-like, awakening in situ the regenerative function of tissue cells and further regenerating in situ new dermal cells taking the place of senescent dermal cells, thus the young structure and function of dermis are rejuvenated.  Attached are the accomplished human application results (Fig. 11-13).




Eight:   Regenerative anti-cancer technology

The anti-cancer studies making use of regenerative nutritional substance have achieved success in cellular level while in clinic, except skin cancer, the other cancers still demands further studies. However, we have obtained the application experience of extending the life span of terminal cancer patients without removing cancers. Therefore, the anti-cancer technology using regenerative nutrition can be first applied to benefit patients with skin cancer or terminal cancer.

Core mechanism: The regenerative anti-cancer nutrient composition can promote the apoptosis of cancer cells and simultaneously can promote the metabolism and initiate the regenerative capacity of normal cells. Attached below are results of experimental research (Fig. 14, 15).





Note: The substance used by human organ in situ regeneration science is a food formula of regenerative nutritional composition, rather than a chemical drug. Thus, it has no safety problem and can be directly validated, promoted and applied. Everyone can realize in situ regeneration of internal organs as long as the regenerative nutritional food is added into the diet.

With the purpose of facilitating the contact of leaders, governments and social communities of all countries, we have set up a global liaison office:

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Rongxiang Xu